A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a roguelike game made in 7 days for the 2019 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. 

You enter a mansion where you believe some friends recently went missing. You find that you are unable to leave. Perhaps if you destroy the evil lurking here, you can escape! 

Designers notes: All combat is deterministic with the main stats being attack, health and movement. You can see what each monster will be able to do on their next turn and plan accordingly. 

The dungeon, items and monster placements are random.  I used Wang tiles to determine connectivity between 9 x 9 segments in the dungeon with a generic visual template covering the segments. Then, I created hand drawn 9 x 9 segments that can be inserted along with a description of the segment. Each segment still must correspond to one of the Wang tiles to maintain connectivity. I used the great information described here: http://cr31.co.uk/stagecast/wang/blob.html

There is out of combat health regeneration so that each combat sequence is unique. You have an opportunity to run away to reset but may just find more enemies. I found this fun when playing. 

Because there was little time for balancing difficulty, I used a slider that lets you find a level that works for you. Since I cannot really come back after the competition to adjust it, I thought it was a good compromise.  

This is my first time deploying content with Unity so please let me know if there are any issues. I look forward to hearing feedback. 

I posted a version with a resolution for some bugs in the attached Post 7DRL version. The issues were: 

1. Wraith left invisible block after teleport and was not attackable for one turn. 

2. Sometimes a chest or stairs could spawn out of reach. 

3. Issue with final level that would make it impossible to win at higher difficulty.

4. Fixed NUMPAD controls.


TheHouse20197DRL.zip 18 MB
TheHouse20197DRL.app.zip 21 MB
TheHouse2019-Post-7DRL-Bugfix.zip 18 MB
TheHouse2019-Post-7DRL-Bugfix-Mac.app.zip 21 MB

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